Perception Toward Secondary History Curriculum Among Somali Students in Malaysian Higher Institutions

  • Abdi Omar Shuriye Albukhary International University
  • Mohamud Yousuf Muse Hargeisa University Somaliland
Keywords: S/Somalia, S/Land, Punt Land, perception, history, curriculum, textbooks


The objectives of this study were to detect whether the integration model is invariant across three different History curriculums. The essential purpose of this research was also to decide whether the hypothesized perception towards the secondary History curriculum model fit the data. An ultimate sample size consisting of (n=350) participants was employed for this study. The second phase of data was analysed employing two software tools which were SPSS and AMOS. SPSS edition 16.0 was run for the entire descriptive process and EFA, whereas the AMOS tool edition 18.0 was employed to run the Confirmatory Factor Analysis to examine the hypothesized model fit of the intended data. However, the predicted model result depicted that there are no significant variations among S/Somalia, S/Land, and Punt land students in the perception of the secondary History curriculum between them.

Author Biographies

Abdi Omar Shuriye, Albukhary International University

Prof. Dr. Abdi Omar Shuriye is a professor of international relations. He is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation, Albukhary International University. Abdi Omar has published extensively in his area of expertise.

Mohamud Yousuf Muse, Hargeisa University Somaliland

Dr Mohamud Yousuf Muse is the President of Hargeisa University in Somaliland. Dr. Mohamud has extensive network for running a university.

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Omar Shuriye, A., & Yousuf Muse, M. (2023). Perception Toward Secondary History Curriculum Among Somali Students in Malaysian Higher Institutions. International Online Journal of Language, Communication, and Humanities, 6(1), 1-15.